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iPhone Application Developers Website Revamped


iPhone Application Developers (IAD), one of the leading app development companies has refurbished its website design. Considering the omnipotence of mobile devices, it has designed a responsive website that automatically scales itself across multiple devices and screens. The users of tablet, phablet, smartphone and desktop computers will have a uniform experience throughout.

The website has been bolstered with the latest tools and technology. The design is exclusively meant to provide an unparalleled user experience to the clients and website visitors. The new design is a blend of technology and precise content that educates the user about the company offerings. In addition, special emphasis is given on navigation, quality information, uncluttered design and channels for communication. 
The new design is based on a simplistic approach with more emphasis on the content. The CEO of the company congratulated the IAD team on their efforts and said “Our new website design is exemplary and exclusively meant to provide quality information with minimal distractions.” The website has striking features and gripping content. The visitor can easily contact the company officials by filling the inquiry form on each page.

The iPhone application developer’s website manifests a clear and transparent approach of the company. Visitors looking to post an inquiry or engage with the company for any venture can take a tour of the website. The website will educate them about the service offerings, previous iPhone app development ventures, industries served, hiring models and the development process. Moreover, the company is prompt to extend its support to the clients looking to get robust iPhone applications. 

iPhone Application Developers (IAD) is an offshore company specializing in development of iPhone apps. The company has already served numerous global clients from varied industry verticals. IAD houses some of the best industry experts capable of developing basic to intricate apps. Being the early adopters of the iOS platform, experts can develop applications for different generations of iPhone. They have also mastered the knack of developing applications for the latest iOS release, the iOS 7. Moreover, businesses and enterprises looking to implement mobile strategy can also take advantage of the IAD expertise. Click Here To More Info.

Simple Todo app – Manage Your Tasks and Stay Organized


The fast paced working environment and the hustle and bustle of daily routine curtail our efforts to stay organized. Numerous interactions and information exchange in day to day life leaves us stranded in the dilemma of what to organize and how to organize for easy access and completion. This is where the Simple Todo app becomes very useful.

Simple Todo app is a powerful application that fuels our efforts of striking a perfect balance between personal and professional life. The application helps you to rid your life from embarrassing clutter and stay upbeat with your daily tasks irrespective of the number of distractions.  

Simple Todo app is the most modern invention that has acquired the center stage. It has the best features that allow you to prioritize and organize tasks.  There are numerous features that make this application a resourceful tool for scaling your tasks into logical fragments and accomplishing them in an orderly manner.

Simple Todo app as an excellent task manager

The application clearly justifies its name. Simple interface coupled with ease of navigation makes it a must have app in your device. You can take advantage of the application to store ideas, thoughts, daily tasks and priorities. The application also allows you to fragment the stored information in a different list of Today, Tomorrow, This Week, View All, Just To Me and Even Later. In addition, you can also personalize settings of the app with priorities and password.

Following are the notable features of the app that helps you to stay organized.

·         You can easily sync tasks and notes with the computer, mobile and all the web browsers
·         You can tag the notes that will help you to locate them quickly and easily
·         You can easily set multiple reminders for immediate and future tasks
·         Your Simple Todo will be shared on devices accessing iCloud
·         You can categorize the tasks on the basis of their status. It can be maintained as Overdue, Pending or Completed
·         You can organize the list based on different groups like Urgent and Not Urgent, Important and Not Important
·         You can also create your own personal groups to store tasks
·         The data stored in the application can be easily shared among colleagues and friends
·         You can use the application by signing in or using it as a guest
·         You can also set your badge icon according to the task

In addition to the above mentioned features, Simple Todo app allows you to automatically schedule and sort filters. The app excels in its simplicity without ignoring the critical features. Adding tasks, creating reminders, categorizing and setting priorities are all just a matter of few taps. When tasks with specific deadlines are hovering over your mind, you can add reminders based on the time and location. The application works with iOS 6 and iOS 7.  

The concept of having a right application in your mobile device can significantly reflect your efforts to stay sturdy and organized. It makes a lot of sense to have the Simple Todo app in your iOS device. This application will not only organize your daily tasks, but also push you to accomplish tasks on a specified day and time. So, stay organized and eliminate uncertainties that interfere in your productivity.

You can know more at: http://www.thesimpletodo.com  and Download at: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/the-simple-todo/id696669062?mt=8  & get details.

Cloud clout for Apple welcomes the iWork suite, try the beta for free!


Though it was expected to be launched during the fall this year, Apple has released beta versions for its iCloud office apps – iWork. While the beta version was previously available only to developers, Apple has now made it accessible to anybody with an Apple ID.

The iWork office suite would contain nine elements - Mail, Contacts, Reminders, Find my iPhone, Pages, Notes, Keynote and Numbers. In a move that would place Apple in direct competition with other cloud applications provided by Google and Microsoft, it aims at combining both native apps and cloud applications into a comprehensive Office suite.

Considering that employees often use a combination of devices like the desktop, laptop, smartphones and tablets, the iWork for iCloud apps support all the major browsers like Safari, Chrome and the Internet Explorer for Macs and PCs. This would enable users to create documents on the web, and they would be automatically synced with other Apple devices like the iPad and iPhone and vice-versa. Apple has also gone ahead and made it easier for Windows users to use its Pages app. The user only has to drag and drop a Word document into the Pages app and the software would automatically convert it into the Pages format.

However what is not clear is the pricing factor, the beta versions are currently free of cost, but the regular version would cost users somewhere around $30 for the Pages, Numbers and Keynote.

This definitely is a tough call for Apple since both Google and Microsoft provide office apps completely free. Another hurdle that the iWork suite has (or let’s say Apple‘s back to its impertinent self again – remember syncing with iTunes for everything and anything), is that users can’t store files in any other format other than those that the apps use. Which means you would require other cloud services to save entire folder of files.

Besides the iWork comes with another price, the price of storage – only 5GB of storage is free on the Apple cloud. An additional 10GB would cost you $21 per year. Whereas Google Drive provides a Whopping 15GB and 7GB on Microsoft SkyDrive.

For now, you can enjoy the free beta version and hope for a better insight on the iWork and iCloud when apple unveils its new iPhone on Sept 10th.

Android Live Wallpapers – An Unexplored Marketing Opportunity


The Android smartphones driven by a wide range of applications have captured the attention of users worldwide. These days, more than the applications, we prefer smartphones with captivating screen and enticing app icon placement. This ideology prospered with the advent of live wallpapers for android phones.

Android live wallpaper enhances the user experience. The initial success of live wallpapers triggered the thinking process of developers. Apart from acquiring expertise in developing apps for the booming Android platform, developers are investing keen interest in developing custom live wallpapers. The most important and significant benefit realized is the opportunity for businesses to utilize live wallpapers as a marketing tool.

What are live wallpapers?
In generic terms, live wallpapers are interactive and animated home screen background. These home screen backgrounds behave according to the settings. They can be imagined as dynamic apps running in the background that explores all the influence of the platform. These wallpapers are a perfect alternative for the static ones. They can swirl and swift as you move and touch the device or navigate across the home screen.

Early Inception 
Every android version presents numerous opportunities for developers. The trend of live wallpapers started with android 2.1. Highly innovative apps and live wallpapers captivated users worldwide. The wallpapers debuted on Nexus One. Since its inception, it has become the most viral and wanted feature on the android smartphones.  At present, millions of android smartphones have their screens powered by the magnificence of the live wallpapers. There are many popular themes worth admiring; these are, Sunrise, Nightfall, Thunderstorm and Blue skies.

Live wallpapers for businesses to increase brand awareness   
Advertisers can leverage the benefits of the android platform by getting custom live wallpapers developed to engage users and increase the number of mobile impressions. This new niche presents an entirely up-to-the-minute platform to promote businesses by personalizing the home screen elements of mobile devices.  If the user has a particular business wallpaper installed on the screen of the mobile device, the impressions include every action. This implies that the impression counts from activating the phone from the sleep mode to scrolling through the home screen to launch applications.

Android wallpaper development
The capability of live wallpapers for Android Phone cannot be underestimated. If businesses are seriously considering brand promotion as a priority, it is imperative to invest in this unexplored segment of marketing technique. In order to grab the attention of the user, creating fascinating and entertaining wallpapers can garner good ROI.

However, this milestone can only be achieved by getting the wallpapers developed from the expert android developers. These experts understand the potential of this platform and importance of brand awareness in the market. They are capable of developing custom wallpapers, which can transform imagination into virtual reality. They utilize the latest tools and have a strong technical know-how to create, feature-rich, animated and interactive wallpapers.

Thus, considering the capabilities of android platform and the opportunities it presents for marketing, it becomes pivotal for businesses to transform the opportunities into a successful marketing venture.

4 Best & Extremely Helpful Mobile Apps for Students


Mobile applications aren’t just for checking weather, finding recipes and listening music. Games, music and entertainment aren’t the only categories for top applications. With tablets making way into education, educational app development has also risen and is still rising at a steady pace. Nowadays, there are several apps that are meant for students who find it difficult to feed everything at once into their brain.

Mobile applications can help them to cope up with the mounting pressure of books. Here, we have listed four applications that enable students to put words and knowledge right at their fingertips.

This application provides students with access to the most popular online encyclopedia, Wikipedia. This online encyclopedia serves as knowledge banks for students. With Wikipanion, students will be able to surf the site with speed and accuracy. For students’ convenience, app developers have equipped it with multiple search methods which include Smart completion along with entry preview.

Besides having the provision of table cased category browsing, this application gives students the privilege of Google searching and full text Wikipedia search. It even consists of Ogg vorbis audio playback for dictionary pronunciations. It also makes Wikipedia’s audio content available to students.

Students who are not good with words and the ones who are queer to learn new words shall find this app very helpful. With more than 2,000,000 definitions, synonyms and antonyms, Dictionary.com is here to ease the difficulty of mastering words. Its notable features consist of example sentences, audio pronunciation, and offline connection for most of the content.

It also provides users with word origin and history, and it gives daily content which includes Word of the Day and The Hot Word. This English dictionary app also houses Medical Dictionary with more than 35,000 medical words and definitions and Science Dictionary with more than 23,000 science definitions and illustrations.

Atlas by Collins
Geography always makes students shiver as it is really tough to remember all those latitudes and longitudes. Cities, towns, hills, rivers, islands – there are just so many things to stuff your head with. Atlas by Collins application is here to help you. Through its nine themed globes, it helps you to know the world via several parameters. It has physical maps that show you physical features of oceans, mountains and deserts, and political maps that show you current political and economic alliances.

It also has historical maps that show effects of exploration and colonialism. The updated version of this app enables users to have new globes without losing and remove others without losing the important ones. It also houses other beneficial features like population, communication, energy and environment that give you information on other important things. These are just few features to be mentioned. This application is enclosed with several features that make Geography easier for students.

Mental Case
Receiver of several accolades, Mental Case is an extremely beautifully designed yet powerful application that allows students to create mental notes. It uses bells and whistles, and the virtual flashcards have images as well as audio along with text. What’s more! Students can present them as slideshows too. This insanely-great flashcards app is certainly going to entice all its users.

Because of its attractive features and great interface, this app has been listed in ‘7 Great Apps for the Back to School Grind’ by phillyBurbs.com. This application has given a high-tech makeover to flashcards. Starting from Arabic to Anatomy, Mental Case helps you to remember everything that you require to clear your GRE, SAT or GMAT. This application has been built on powerful study scheduling algorithms that are based on Supermemo program. Mental Case ensures that you get maximum memory retention for the time that you spend in studying.

So, all those students who own smartphones or tablets can immediately download these apps and can make optimum use of them.

If any need to develop mobile apps, then fill up form and Contact IndiaNIC.

iOS 7: A Big Opportunity for Migrating Apps


With beta version of iOS 7 on the roads, designers and developers are digging to explore the new arena of building intuitive applications for iPhone. While iPhone users are excited to experience the app work on iOS 7, the new iOS is giving real headaches to designers and developers. According to developers, the new OS has ridiculously improved the playing field for developing competing apps. Updating the exciting apps to iOS 7’s new aesthetics may take significant amount of elbow grease, but results will ultimately favor developers as well as users needs.

iOS 7 has new opportunities that makes it tough, but possible for developers to migrate existing iPhone apps. The exciting UI and design considerations have let developers to build new app and migrate the old ones for users. iOS 6 users are already downloading themes that are build like iOS 7 interface. This shows their requirement and excitement to experience what developer has in it for them.

iOS 7 Provide New Victory Platform 

Parallax, Control Center, multitasking and many other features has encouraged developers to label the new definition of developing iPhone apps. With lucrative attributes, iOS 7 has brought order to complexities for developers. Though many advance inclusions to new OS is giving hard times to developers, but pool of revenue opportunities says it is worth spending. With the better exposure to iTechnology and popularity, new software promises to render volume of revenue and enhanced iExpertise.

Owing to user’s reactions to launch of iOS 7, there is no doubt that developing apps for new iOS generate new source of revenue for businesses. Building apps that fulfills user’s requirement ensure increased customer base and brand popularity. Especially, businesses that are involve in serving iApp services can stand apart from competitors with the insertion of new iOS to your business. By extending the business app service you can create a prompt in technology image among clients. This will enhance your expertise base and brand loyalty.

By availing services from various iPhone app development companies, you can experience aesthetical iOS 7 attributes at very affordable price. Apps are developed by iPhone expert developers, and are rich in functionality and simplicity. Expert developers from renowned company can ensure apps with improved personalized features. The results are satisfactory and will augment your experience.

iOS 7 has various advantages for businesses, users and developers. It can increase the value of each by rendering quality results that matches their niche working environment. Thus, developing new app and migrating old ones to new is definitely going to expand and extent your business.

Contact us at: http://www.indianic.com/ios7-apps-development.html for more details.

Production Woes May Hit Apple’s Vision With The iPhone 5S


It has been a long awaited journey for Apple’s 5S. Prior to its launch, it is already surrounded by speculations and rumors about the specs, its look, camera and all sorts of things. The phone has already been delayed due to the poor yields of the fingerprint-recognition chips. Further, adding salt to injury, the LCD driver ICs’’ production is also slow, which is holding back the manufacture of iPhone 5S. 

Apple’s Vision With The iPhone 5S
As the issue continues to woe Apple’s effort, it is also testing the patience of the Apple lovers. The poor production of the finger-print chips and LCD driver ICs has forced apple to cut short the manufacturing of iPhone 5S.

The mass production of chips was expected to start by the end of June or by the beginning of July. However, the production is slow and does not meet the needs of the iPhone production. This is going to continue till the end of July. As a result, the initial availability of the device won’t be as high as expected. 

This is an annoying part of Apple’s prowess. This will not only delay the production of the iPhone 5S, but the shipment of more than 3 million phones will be pushed back to the 4th quarter of 2013. This is not the first time Apple has been under the scanner. In the past, similar production issues were experienced during the launch of iPad Mini and iPhone 5. 

Though, Apple has been striving hard to come up with new high-end devices, its efforts seem to be threatened by the production woes. It would be interesting to see how Apple overcome these issues to meet the demand of their upcoming release, the iPhone 5S.

Mobile Gaming Industry - The Huge Developing in The Market


The competition in the mobile gaming market is tough. Therefore, in order to ensure success in this market, you need to take care of several factors that help in impeccable of game development like the concept, design and gameplay of the gaming application.

There is some important thing you should know to take care while developing the mobile games. Here are described below four essential factors for successful develop a game for mobile.

Game Categories (Type Of Game You Develop):- You have to analyze that which types of game demanding in the market right now. You must have noticed that there are various categories of games like action, adventure, board, arcade, racing, etc.

Concept: - You have to unique concept to design and develop a mobile game application that gives you a business and unique identity and branding of your company. By reviews and taking ideas from different different game apps so you can input some your innovative things that make it unique from others. By stolen if you aim for real success, completely avoid stealing concepts. Though it saves you from the brainstorming thing, in the long run, this isn’t going to help you at all. Unique and creative ideas will put you in first place in the mobile games market.

Design: - Design you own way and don’t try to make it extravagant as it would not appear as attractive as you expect it to on the screens of the small sizes. Try to keep the design simple, but don’t forget to include fun elements that would make it more attractive for the users. Remember, including too many features might make your app attractive but that could also make it complex. Therefore, be careful.

Gameplay: - This another important factor to design & develop a mobile game applications. Try to make the gameplay engaging by using different challenging levels and extra power boosters. Further, you should also provide a good description about your characters and make sure that your users are well informed about the various levels, controls and extra powers of the games.

Thus, these are some summarized heading for mobile game development; one must take care of 4 crucial factors that play decisive role in making your game a success in the market.

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